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The Roman’s Revenge ~ Caroline Storer

The Roman's Revenge

Take a man blinded by revenge and a young woman whose life is not her own and you have this story. Metellus has been living with the plot of revenge for fourteen years. It’s a code he’s been living with ever since the day he was father was arrested and executed for conspiracy, which he was falsely accused. The accuser, Senator Drasus. Because of the lies, Nero exiled Metellus and his mother and took away all of his father’s fortune.

As luck would have it, Senator Drasus has a daughter, Livia, who is on her way to Alexandria to be married when the ship is capsized. Her savior, Metullus. In his plot of revenge, he marries her. Giving the time period… she had no choice. In an attempt to have a happy life, Livia tries to get down to the bottom of the story… did her father do what he was accused of or was he set up?

I have to say, it wasn’t that hard to find out who did what. It was a bit predictable, but still enjoyable. Metullus had been so hard for so long that it took him by surprise that Livia wasn’t anything like what he expected. She wasn’t the pampered princess that he thought she was. The fire that Livia had was a bit refreshing. When she spoke her mind (which wasn’t widely accepted in that time period) it was refreshing and the banter was entertaining. It was a solid 3.5 star for me.


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