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Ghost of You ~ Kelly Moran

Ghost of You

The third installment… what can I say!? There were times this book scared all 20 types of shit out of me and it was awesome!!!!!!! (Did I mention the gang’s all back?! I missed Paul!!!!) The paranormal aspect of this story was stepped up a bit more than the previous books in the series. There were demons, ghosts, fires, love, mutual respect, and love.

Okay, so it’s blatantly obvious that Sammy hates Cain and he has no idea why… except he’s a psychologist. If she wants to be a producer, she’ll have to learn to play nice with him. Should be easy, except their next case takes her back to a place she worked so hard to get away from… her hometown in Nebraska. It brings back all of her most painful memories and the best person to help her through this… the guy she hates the most, Cain.

Cain and Sammy have more in common than either knew or realized. With so much trauma in their lives, one would have thought they would just gravitate towards each other, but it only put them at each other’s throats…and only adding to their chemistry! You get to learn so much about these two characters that you can’t help but root for them! And their snappy one liners to each other doesn’t hurt either!

Both Sammy and Cain are wonderfully developed characters that it was completely believable to have Sammy despising Cain from day one to having them get to know each other.


This is the song I heard (in my head… don’t judge) when Sammy and Cain finally made love!


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