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The Congregation ~ Desiree Bombenon

The Congregation

No one knew what the betrayal of one’s trust can lead to. Unfortunately, this betrayal comes from a priest who behaved severely inappropriately towards two young men who were working their way through priesthood. While the event happened a long time ago, it left a lasting impression on the two men who will later become Father Kristofferson and Father Roland.

On a trip (a vacation… if you will) to Italy, husband and wife duo, Jake and Amanda, meet Father Roland to have a set of rosary beads blessed for Amanda’s mother. In return, Father Roland would like the two of them to deliver a “gift” to Father Kristofferson, as Father Roland feels that his friend has lost his faith. They agreed (Jake reluctantly so) to deliver the gift to Father Kristofferson in Chicago. Before they deliver what, at first glance, appears to be a religious relic, they meet Professor Orloff.

Professor Orloff is a very interesting character. Not religious, believes in science and history… and becomes such an invaluable asset to Jake and Amanda. Jake and Amanda are Canadians who help the police whenever possible… It helps that Amanda is a clairvoyant being. She keeps having these vision that she can’t quite make sense of… not realizing that something huge was in the works.

Enter Josh, popular student, natural leader, and extremely loyal to Father Kristofferson, helps create a group for teens and young adults that suffered at the hands of adults. The suffering ranged from physical abuse to just plain neglect. They called themselves “The Gathering” and they believe that they can start a revolution and what better way to do that than to start with the church… Can Jake and Amanda (with the help of Professor Orloff) put a stop to this attack before it’s too late? Or, will the face of organized religion be changed forever?

What I loved about this book is that everyone’s storyline was interconnected. It was like the Oscar winning movie, “Crash”. There were tons of storylines that tied into each other. You don’t see the clear connections, but it’s there. There was one storyline that I wasn’t fully prepared for… the level of abuse in this particular storyline threw me a bit, but once you get pass the abuse… it’s hard to put the book down!



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