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French Restoration ~ Sara Claridge


Title: French Restoration
Author: Sara Claridge
Reviewer: Shakera
Rating: 4 Stars

This is a charming short story about finding love while trying to navigate your future as you are piecing together and understanding your past.

Chantal is trying to move on from a frightful nightmare of her past and just as she is starting to, she takes a new job doing interior decorating for Alex Kirkwood. It’s what she loves and what she is passionate about. The chemistry between the two is wonderful and full of tender moments, but also full of realness and at times confusion. Their relationship is true to life in the sense of seeing them go from co-workers to friends to lovers, but the confusion lies in her trying to remember her past so that she can see what lies ahead in her future.

It is wonderfully written, however if you don’t speak French you should want to have either a dictionary or the internet handy. The dialogue gives you some context as to what Chantal is saying even though it’s in French, but couldn’t hurt to have one of those nearby. While there is romance, there is also suspense. Someone has set out to sabotage Chantal’s work and Chantal herself in the process. While it wasn’t hard to figure out who it was, you were still invested and engaged in the story to see how it would play out. Well done!


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