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Book Review: Bloodline Origins ~ Iuliana Foos

Bloodline Origins
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Title: Bloodline Origins (Book 1)
Author: Iuliana Foos
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing, LLC
Date of Release: April 11, 2018
Pages: 325
Format: PDF (Author)

Ever felt like you’re going through life without fitting in… anywhere? Not with friends, family, co-workers… there’s something different about you, and you just can’t put your finger on it… until one day you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ana meets a group of vampires and finds that one place she has always wanted to be is where she belongs. Unfortunately, she slips away from a very angry vampire but gains a gentle, but powerful vampire. She meets Andree and gets to join their coven. I was given the opportunity to follow Ana’s and Andree’s journey of falling in love and facing their biggest threat. Will they find the love they have been searching for?

This is a really good start to a series. The characters were strong and well written. I immediately fell in love with Andree. The story is funny and the secondary characters are just as awesome as the main characters. Foos tells a story in a way that pulls at your heartstrings and laugh within the same scene. It also ends in a way that leaves you wanting more. There’s no cliffhanger, but you will want to know what happens next. I, for one, cannot wait!


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Book Review: The Vampire Secret ~ Tricia Barr


The Vampire Secret
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Title: The Vampire Secret (The Amarant Series, Book 1)
Author: Tricia Barr
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, YA
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Date of Release: March 17, 2018
Pages: 374
Format: PDF (JA Culican Review)

What do you do when you’re a 17 (going on 18) year old who loves reading vampire novels and you notice some anomalies? You do what all other sane people do… you look up the author and lose your shit when you find out he’s an actual vampire! Well, not all sane people would do that… just Crimson. Crimson is obsessed with the author, Nicholae Albaric, an actual vampire who writes about his life adventures, never realizing someone would think they were true. Crimson isn’t all that she seems… but she doesn’t know it. She is a very rare and special breed, but the only way to know that would be her eyes. Can Nicholae save her or will an old enemy ruin his plans?

The characters are likable enough. The hard part is remembering Crimson is a teenager. It shouldn’t be too hard to remember she’s a teenager, given her dialogue. Some of her thoughts will make you frustrated or annoyed; which is why you have to keep in mind her age. I can understand some of the comparisons to Twilight, but I think this is slightly better. One of my issues with this book is how long it took to get to Crimson meeting Nicholae, and the synopsis to come to life. All of her interactions with her friends weren’t necessary. The book didn’t need a lot of fluff. You kinda got that with Benny. Benny is a loveable vampire when you get to know him. He provides a decent amount of comic relief. There was a point in the book where Benny’s name was spelled differently. While this didn’t factor into my rating, it definitely stood out.

I liked the story well enough, but it didn’t wow me. The synopsis is great and the cover is fantastic, it just takes a little too long to get into.


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Book Review: Dark Wine at Midnight ~ Jenna Barwin

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Title: Dark Wine at Midnight (A Hill Vampire Novel, Book 1)
Author: Jenna Barwin
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal
Publisher: Hidden Depths Publishing
Date of Release: April 25, 2017
Pages: 370
Format: Kindle (Jenna Barwin via AXP )

I have been wary of the vampire genre since The Twilight Saga, however I was impressed with this story and the set up for the series. I will say it did start off a bit slow, but it was absolutely worth it. Cerissa is a scientist who is given a mission to infiltrate The Hill, a society comprised of vampires. She goes under the guise of wanting to build a scientific lab. Henry, a wine making vampire and a founding member of The Hill, doesn’t believe her, but they are drawn to each other. There is more to both than meets the eye… Can they figure out who is trying to assassinate the founders of The Hill before it’s too late?

The writing is fantastic. As I stated earlier, it does start off slow, but it gives you plenty of information to follow along. There were some things about the story line that didn’t jive with me, but it didn’t take away my enjoyment of the story. There were just some personal things I wouldn’t have stood for. Jenna Barwin is new to me and I look forward to the next story in the series!

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Eternal Hunger ~ Ainsley Evans

Eternal Hunger

Scotland, 1800’s: Malcolm MacRoyce takes a bride, who was the enemy and one he didn’t want. He goes off to war and he’s stranded in the desert. He and his fellow soldiers see a well and decide to drink from it. His life was never the same.

Emily Adams is from one of the most scandalized families London has to offer. She has one goal before she dies. But with her family scandal, no man wants anything to do with her. She has bewitching eyes that are rare, but Malcolm would recognize them anywhere.

A chance meeting at a Masquerade Ball gives Emily the chance to fulfill her goal and Malcolm a chance to meet his past love. All the while, someone or something is terrorizing the city of London and Malcolm must stop the killings before it’s too late!

Can Malcolm save the city of London from terror and Emily achieve her goal before it’s too late? While it was an intriguing story and extremely well written, I hoped for a different ending. Not a BETTER ending, but different. The book is close to 300 pages long, but it flows so well that it can easily be read in one sitting! The wisdom of Malcolm and the naivete of Emily was a perfect combination. I look forward to reading more from Ainsley Evans! Click the cover to purchase!