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The Wanderer ~ Dahlia Donovan

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Title: Inherited Love  (Dalton Siblings, Book 1)
Author: Katie Mettner
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: LGBT, Romance, Humor
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Date of Release: April 8, 2017
Pages: 248
Format: PDF (The Romance Reviews)


Weddings tend to bring out the romantics in everyone. BC and Graham are no exception! They never thought they would see each other again, only to have a few cupids interfere. Once they encounter each other for the second time, they become inseparable. Doubt and insecurities have Graham running for the hills, but an illness has BC running to Graham. Through such a trying time and mortality on the line, will love conquer all?

The natural ease and flow of conversation between the two characters made this book quite an enjoyable read. There is a natural attraction and a humor that kept the story from being too heavy. There are moments where I couldn’t get the tears to stop falling. BC and Graham are absolutely great characters and very well developed. Their personalities, while quite different, they work very well together. I wish this was a series! (Psst! It looks like it is!)

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Redemption ~ Laxmi Hariharan

Title: Redemption (A Many Lives Story, Book 3)
Author: Laxmi Hariharan
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Lotus and Sun
Date of Release: March 14, 2017
Pages: 221
Format: Nook (Author)

Leana is a shifter who made one mistake in her past and now she’s paying for it. She cage fights for money to help her orphanage. Mikhail has no memory of who or what he is. What he does know, he wants Leana. Rohan is Leana human cousin who has fallen in with the wrong crowd. The book starts off with Leana in a cage match. You get a glimpse into her mindset, but as the book progresses her mindset changes and she becomes stronger. I love a strong female lead.

There are so many rich characters and elements to this story that you’ll have to read this twice to appreciate it all! There are vampires, shifters, and humans. Add to that, this book can cross so many genres. There’s mystery, thriller, romance, fantasy/sci-fi. What is awesome about this story is Ms. Hariharan gives just enough backstory without retelling previous stories. It’s easy to follow along without having to read the previous stories, however it’s written in such a way that you are intrigued in other characters… so you HAVE to read the previous books. Since I am NOTORIOUS for reading series out of order, I have some catching up to do. And it will be totally worth it!

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Doll Baby ~ Kayleigh Sky (Release Blitz)


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Book Blurb

Todd Rifkin has sworn off love forever—until he loses his heart to a badly scarred rent boy and stumbles into a deadly game of cat and mouse with a brutal stalker out for revenge.

Struggling to make enough money to buy a friend’s bar and grill to fulfill a promise, Todd Rifkin vows to let nothing stand in his way. Nothing, that is, until a friend’s call for help. Bailing his friend out of trouble might cost Todd his dream. Now he is scrambling to make up the loss and reluctantly takes on the job of errand boy for his boss’ spoiled ex-lover.

Bliss Busby has no memory of the attack that scarred his face. Scared and reclusive, he has no interest in Todd’s intrusion into his life. No interest, that is, until somebody starts scattering cinnamon hearts at his door. Now Todd is the only one standing between Bliss and a mysterious stalker.

Years ago, Todd lost the love of his life in a violent twist of fate. After a night with a knife-wielding maniac, Bliss lost everything. Thrown together by circumstance, Todd and Bliss must unite to battle a hidden force from the past. As Bliss struggles to remember the attack that wrecked his life, and Todd struggles to save him from an attacker that is closer than either of them realizes, their reluctant friendship becomes a passionate love that just might have the power to heal their wounded hearts.

If they live.

Author Bio

Kayleigh Sky is a m/m erotic romance writer. Kayleigh’s stories are tales of struggle and pain, loss and despair. Love is won in the battle to rise out of the depths of darkness. Victory is in the sweet bliss of happily ever after. Once upon a time Kayleigh hid out in a cold dark garage reading a book her parents forbade her to read. She was nine years old. The book? Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin, a story of love between two men–well, actually the story was a little more complicated than that, but hey, she was nine. In the dark of the garage, a light, a passion, a sheer joy for love in all its manifestations awoke. And love between two men–Hot! Kayleigh’s men are often broken, always brave, and always memorable.

You can find Kayleigh here.


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On Fire ~ Alicia Nordwell


Title: On Fire (States of Love)
Author: Alicia Nordwell
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Contemporary Romance, LGBT
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date of Release: October 26, 2016
Pages: 152
Format: Kindle (The Romance Reviews)

It’s great to read a book that has nonstop action. It’s even better to once in a while read a book about absolutely normal people building your average everyday relationship. There’s something sweet and charming about that; which is why I adored ON FIRE!

Scottie is a graphics designer about to take his vacation in the wilderness. He’s the safest camper you’ll ever meet. The weather takes a turn for the worst and you have yourself a forest fire!

Enter Jax. The steamy hot firefighter who saves Scottie’s life. He starts off a bit of a jerk… so he’s a bit rough around the edges. Once Scottie and Jax take the time to get to know each other and their quirks, sparks fly. It was quite interesting to see how their relationship develops. Also, not every scene is a sex scene. It was refreshing to read about two people genuinely wanting to get to know each other and not for sexual reasons, but to genuinely build a solid relationship.

I would totally recommend this for anyone looking for a quick, slightly realistic romance! (It is fiction after all!)

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Blowing Smoke ~ Sean Michael


Title: Blowing Smoke
Author: Sean Michael
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera

This was an intriguing story. Brin is working for Dragon, who hates being social. He is the personal assistant to Dragon, but also his mate. Brin happens to be running away from a stalker ex-boyfriend… but you don’t really read too much about that storyline. It would have been very interesting to delve into that portion of the story as the character was already introduced. The interactions between Brin and Dragon were endearing and delightful.

It was a quaint story that can be read in under 2 hours that will keep you entertained. My only wish is that it were longer!

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Clockwork Menagerie ~ Karen Kincy

Clockwork Menagerie

Title: Clockwork Menagerie
Author: Karen Kincy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by: Shakera

What a dangerous time to be alive! In 1914 Russia where practically everything is illegal, two men are shipped off to do a little recon work. Their chemistry is quite wonderful. Konstantin has an innocence and naiveté to him, while Himmel has a sultry, “Devil may care” way about him. Together they must stop the evil Countess and her magic and ignore their attraction to each other.

I didn’t know when requesting this book, it’s a part of a series (book 2.5 to be exact). I don’t regret choosing this story. It was a quaint story with two endearing lead characters. There were moments when I chuckled to myself and moments when I teared up. In the end, it’s a story about what can happen when you follow your gut… and your heart. I look forward to starting this series from the beginning!

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The Mystery of Nevermore ~ C.S. Poe

The Mystery of Nevermore.jpg

Title: The Mystery of Nevermore
Author: C.S. Poe
Series: YES!
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewer: Shakera

This wasn’t your typical “Romance/Suspense”. I truly enjoyed this story so much.

We have Sebastian Snow, an antiques dealer, who opens his shop one morning to a disturbing finding. Enter a sexy, ginger detective, Calvin Winter, lead detective. Sebastian is currently in a relationship with a cop, Neil Millet, but Neil isn’t quite ready for the world to see him. As the relationship continues, Sebastian re-evaluates what he’s willing to tolerate.

As Sebastian tries to forget the events of that snowy morning, things get weirder. Events unfold and they start to play out like stories from Edgar Allan Poe. Detective Winter is the knight in shining armor. He’s there when Sebastian needs him and the banter between the two are witty and adorable. While Sebastian wore his heart on his sleeve, Calvin was a bit more mysterious. Calvin was a bit complex and that made the relationship that much more interesting.

The dynamics of Calvin’s and Sebastian’s relationship blurred the lines between professional and personal, but it helped the story progress. With the aid of a few secondary characters, the plot came to a head and you see where Calvin and Sebastian stood with their relationship, and I couldn’t help but wonder, “What comes next for them?” I’m extremely interested to see where they go from here!