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Book Review: Bewitched ~ Kelly Moran


Title: Bewitched (Fated Series, Book 1)
Author: Kelly Moran
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Publisher: Smashwords
Date of Release: March 5, 2019
Pages: 260
Format: PDF (Author)

People tend to hate what they fear. People tend to fear the unknown. In Six Fates Island, the witch hunt begins, and I don’t think anyone actually expected to find a real witch. Celeste Galloway and Fin Meath make the mistake of falling in love, and creating a beautiful child. Unfortunately, Fin’s father, Minister Gregory Meath, is a fear monger and has named Celeste a witch. If only he had left things alone! Deciding to burn Celeste at the cross, she used her dying words to leave a curse that will take 300 years to begin to break. Three tasks must be completed to break the curse… not impossible, right?

Present day: Kaida Galloway has been dreaming about a boy almost every day since she was 8 years old. They practically grew up together. No one understands her like he does, but she doesn’t know if he’s real or if she conjured him up from her imagination. Interestingly enough, Brady Meath has been dreaming of Kaida as well since he was young. Imagine how surprised he was when he sees her right outside his office window! Dreams do come true, but they come with a catch. Together, Kaida and Brady must complete their task to help break the curse… but losing their hearts to each other, that’s a different story!

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this story, but I’m in absolute love with this story! I can’t wait for the rest of the series. The three Galloway sisters, Ceara, Fiona, and Kaida are great characters. The Meath Triplets, Tristian, Riley, and Brady are fantastic. There’s mystery, humor, suspense, and love! I’m eagerly anticipating the next book of the series… but I’m also impatient! I’m looking forward to the next installment!

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New Tricks ~ Kelly Moran


Title: New Tricks (Redwood Ridge , Book #3)
Author: Kelly Moran
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Publisher: Lyrical Shine
Date of Release: September 26, 2017
Pages: 216
Format: Kindle (NetGalley)

Welcome back to Redwood! Oh how we have missed you! We get to catch up with town favorites, such as Cade and Avery, Flynn and Gabby, Drake plus Zoe… Can you smell the love in the air? For Zoe and Drake, it’s… well, complicated. Zoe has had a crush on Drake since they were teenagers, but as fate would have it Zoe’s best friend, Heather, acted first. I would say the rest was history, but there is way more to this story. Drake and Heather fall in love and marry, while Zoe sits on the sidelines and a be the great friend everyone knows she is.

Fast forward… Heather has passed away, Drake is living his life day-to-day without really living, and Zoe has put her life on hold to take care of her mother… but who is taking care of Zoe and Drake? Drake has always been great with doling out awesome advice when it comes to other people. Can he take advice when it comes to him?

Man does this story pull at your heartstrings! You know that Drake and Zoe deserve happiness and you want them to find it with each other. This story is charming, funny, and endearing. I had to fan myself when Drake started flirting… Hopefully the next book will be a “Where Are They Now?” and maybe even a Hallmark or Lifetime movie… I really need both of those in my life right now!


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Tracking You ~ Kelly Moran

Title: Tracking You (Redwood Ridge, Book 2)
Author: Kelly Moran
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Shine
Date of Release: May 23, 2017
Pages: 250
Format: Kindle (NetGalley)

For years, Gabby has always been the good girl and Flynn’s best friend. Both Gabby and Flynn are always passed over, Gabby because she’s sweet and innocent; Flynn because he’s deaf. Yet, dating each other didn’t seem to be an option. But what is awesome is the power of suggestion. Once the thought is put in your mind, it’s kinda hard to get out. The Battle Axes are playing matchmakers with some help from Brent and sparks fly!

Flynn has always had a crush on Gabby, but not wanting to lose their friendship he pushed those feelings away. Once Flynn gives in, something amazing happens. They click. They are meant for each other and everyone knows it, but when is the other shoe going to drop? The story of going from friends to dating was nicely done (with a pretty hot love scene!) The insecurities on both sides just grabbed you and refused to let you go. I was almost in tears in quite a few scenes. This may be my favorite book of the series, although I am looking forward to Drake’s story. Excuse me, I have to go reread this book! (Click the cover to purchase!)

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Puppy Love ~ Kelly Moran


Title: Puppy Love (Redwood Ridge, Book 1)
Author: Kelly Moran
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Comedy
Publisher: Lyrical Shine
Date of Release: February 21, 2017
Pages: Unknown
Format: Kindle (Author)

Welcome to Redwood Ridge where everyone knows everyone and everything about you. Fresh from a divorce, Avery Stowe decided to move her daughter, Hailey, to Oregon to be closer to her mom. She never thought she would meet someone like Dr. Cade O’Grady, one of the local veterinarians who own his practice with his two brothers, Flynn and Drake. They get off to a rocky start due to a misunderstanding, but eventually, they warm to each other. Avery starts to work for the clinic, and she gets a job at the clinic. She’s not accustomed to people being so helpful, especially when it comes to Hailey, who is autistic.  Throughout this story, she truly learns the meaning of community.

What I loved most was this wasn’t really an instant love story. It’s funny and charming. You quickly fall in love with all the characters, especially Hailey and the three brothers. The dialogue is great, and quite honestly anyone who can quote “Clue” is my absolute favorite character. This is the first story in the series. It leaves me wanting more, and I have so much to look forward to!

Pre-order “Puppy Love” here!

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Love Thy Neighbor ~ Kelly Moran


Title: Love Thy Neighbor
Author: Kelly Moran
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by: Shakera

When any book by Kelly Moran is available, I will jump at the chance! And I’m so glad that I did. Love Thy Neighbor is a charming, sweet story of what it means to find home. Josh is an army brat who flips homes. The one home he never thought he’d flip would be his grandfather’s. Marina is the ever so helpful and charming neighbor. St. Helena’s is a small town where everyone knows everyone, the sort of place that could make an army brat uncomfortable or find his place in life.

The interactions between Marina and Josh are endearing, charming and witty. It is a constant reminder home isn’t always a place. It can be a state of mind and often times, it can be the one you love. Hey, everyone’s attached to something!

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Winter’s Path ~ Kelly Moran

Winter's Path.jpg

Title: Winter’s Path
Author: Kelly Moran
Series: YES! Book 2 of Seasmoke Friends
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewer: Shakera

Often times, in most books, when a relationship ends you follow the life of the heroine/hero. In this case, you follow Matt… after his relationship to Summer comes to the inevitable end. Matt makes a transition in his life that brings him to his best friend, Jenny. Both with horrors in their past, believe they are unworthy of love. It could not be further from the truth.

What I love about this story is what I loved about “Summer’s Road“. Kelly seamlessly weaves the past and the present together and it tugs at your heartstrings. I was maybe 3 chapters before I was in tears. If I thought I liked “Summer’s Road”, then I LOVE “Winter’s Path”. Beautifully written with flawed, yet vulnerable characters. The next installment (God, I hope there is one!) cannot come soon enough!

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Summer’s Road ~Kelly Moran

pretty girl cuddling with boyfriend on beach at santa monica

You can spend your entire life trying to find that someone special. In this case, for Summer it has always been Ian. She just never saw him in that light… but he’s been seeing her in that light for many, MANY years. Everyone saw it but Summer.

Just when Summer had herself in a comfortable routine, her estranged mother shows up challenging everything she knew to be true. To help get through this, Summer leans on her three best friends, Dee, Rick and Ian. As if dealing with her estranged mother wasn’t enough, she has casual relationship with Matt. While Summer cares for Matt, he doesn’t make her feel the way Ian does.

So we’re dealing with a mom who wants back in, a guy you care for and a guy who you love without realizing he’s been in love with you for years. I thought the story was extremely sweet and endearing, but at the same time Summer made feel extremely frustrated. All of Ian’s actions showed how he felt while Summer didn’t really know what she wanted. BUT when she figured out what she wanted, it was magical.

There were moments when I felt like pace was a bit slow, but engaging enough that you wanted to continue. My favorite aspect of this book was reading a scene from years ago and then seeing how it correlates to present day. Kelly Moran connects this story so well to the past that you feel all the memories of Summer. The past meets the present in an intricate and engaging story from start to finish. Not only is each character important, but you easily grow attached to Rick, Dee, and Ian; each play a complex role for Summer throughout her reveries.