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Book Review: The Boy with the Broken Nose ~ C.S.T. Harding

The Boy with the Broken Nose

Title: The Boy With the Broken Nose (Henrietta Jones, Book 2)
Author: C.S.T. Harding
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Publisher: purplepamplemoose
Date of Release: November 27, 2018
Pages: 318
Format: Kindle (AXP Authors)

It’s the year 1895, and two young women are throwing caution to the wind and thinking for themselves. They are extremely intelligent, capable, strong-willed, but mostly just downright infuriating… to a weaker man! These ladies are Henrietta Jones and her friend, Fonzie Jowels-Fink, and they are seeking an adventure of a lifetime… but first, we need them to save England!

Henrietta, affectionately known as Harry, has been training her whole life for this one case… she just doesn’t know it. Someone is murdering inventors and the reasoning is unknown. Lady Jones, Harry’s mother, has asked Harry and Fonzie to go to London, set up shop, and solve the case. All Harry wants to do is buy an automobile and red laced up boots! In the process of setting up shop, Harry meets the most infuriating man she has ever laid eyes on, Mr. Joshua Quinn, the American with a slightly crooked nose. Someone is killing off members of the elite Automobile Club, and Quinn is next on the list! Can Harry, along with her friends save Quinn and stop the destruction that would bring England to its knees?

I must admit, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this one. The cover is stunning (yes, I do judge a book by its cover) and the synopsis was appealing. I just wasn’t sure what to make of it. After a few pages, I was hooked! Harry is such a strong, intelligent woman. She is an inventor, and one hell of a detective… when the need arises. Her banter with Quinn was quite entertaining. They kept each other on their toes, and it was fun to watch. Fonzie is also brilliant, but not well-bred according to society’s standards; which puts a chip on her shoulder. While it’s understandable, at times she was off-putting… especially in her interactions with Louis, who is madly in love with her. She sees him as this big oaf who needs protection, when in reality… he’s quite brilliant himself and is one of England’s top spies. What was even more interesting is the brilliant villain! It was like watching Sherlock go toe-to-toe with Moriarty. This was extremely well written and will hold your attention. There were a few minor issues, but I assume it’s down to the copy of the book I received. Overall, I thought this was quite witty, and thoroughly enjoyed Henrietta Jones and all of her antics!

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Book Review: How to Train Your Baron ~ Diana Lloyd

How to Train Your Baron

Title: How to Train Your Baron (What Happens in the Ballroom Series)
Author: Diana Lloyd
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Entangled: Amara
Date of Release: July 23, 2018
Pages: 333
Format: Kindle (NetGalley)

Elsinore Cosgrove got more than she bargained for when she left the ballroom in search of Lord Byron. Quin Graham didn’t exactly sign up for a bride when Elsinore got her hand stuck in a guillotine, but hey everything happens for a reason, right? How to Train Your Baron is a delightful story of a young woman in search of adventure before having to be forced into a marriage she wouldn’t want, while a young man, who has experienced more tragedy than one should have to bear, tries to find redemption. Can they let down their guards and let each other in?

What I loved about this story is there was humor, love, and mystery. This was extremely well written, and you didn’t notice you were reading over 300 pages. While I understood Elsinore’s need for adventure, there were moments of, “Well, that was unnecessary…” but those moments set up scenes of hilarity. I would be interested in reading other books in the series, however many that would hold!

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$2.00 Tuesdays! The Last Tudor ~ Philippa Gregory

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Title: The Last Tudor
Author: Philippa Gregory
Genre: Historical Fiction
Date of Release: August 8, 2017
Pages: 529

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Blurb: The latest novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Philippa Gregory features one of the most famous girls in history, Lady Jane Grey, and her two sisters, each of whom dared to defy her queen.

Jane Grey was queen of England for nine days. Her father and his allies crowned her instead of the dead king’s half sister Mary Tudor, who quickly mustered an army, claimed her throne, and locked Jane in the Tower of London. When Jane refused to betray her Protestant faith, Mary sent her to the executioner’s block, where Jane transformed her father’s greedy power grab into tragic martyrdom.

“Learn you to die,” was the advice Jane wrote to her younger sister Katherine, who has no intention of dying. She intends to enjoy her beauty and her youth and fall in love. But she is heir to the insecure and infertile Queen Mary and then to her half sister, Queen Elizabeth, who will never allow Katherine to marry and produce a Tudor son. When Katherine’s pregnancy betrays her secret marriage, she faces imprisonment in the Tower, only yards from her sister’s scaffold.

“Farewell, my sister,” writes Katherine to the youngest Grey sister, Mary. A beautiful dwarf, disregarded by the court, Mary keeps family secrets, especially her own, while avoiding Elizabeth’s suspicious glare. After seeing her sisters defy their queens, Mary is acutely aware of her own danger but determined to command her own life. What will happen when the last Tudor defies her ruthless and unforgiving Queen Elizabeth?

*Check price before purchase. Subject to change!

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(Book Review) Last Stop in Brooklyn ~ Lawrence H. Levy


Last Stop in Brooklyn
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Title: Last Stop in Brooklyn: A Mary Handley Mystery (Book 3)
Author: Lawrence H. Levy
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Literary Fiction, Mystery, Suspense
Publisher: Random House, LLC
Date of Release: January 9, 2018
Pages: 322
Format: Kindle (First to Read)

It was such a pleasure to read this book! Mary Handley is one hell of a private detective… and in the 19th century, no less! The book starts with an explosion, but ends with fireworks! In a time when Andrew Carnegie, Russell Sage, Jay Gould, and John Rockefeller, people were angry and frustrated and anarchy was on the rise. So was corruption in the New York Police force. Inspector Thomas Byrne joins the force and proclaims he will have Jack the Ripper apprehended in 36 hours. Well, Inspector Byrnes did apprehend someone… but was it indeed Jack the Ripper?

Mary’s first case came from a family friend who suspects his wife of cheating. Little did she know it would lead to a much bigger case that speaks to what’s going on in the country. Did I mention Jack the Ripper?! This leads to Mary’s next case. Yes, she’s working two cases. While the characters are intertwined in the two cases, the cases aren’t related, but they are intriguing. Brian Murphy thinks his wife is having an affair. He hires Mary to find out if that is true. What she stumbles upon is much bigger! A key witness to the assassination attempt of Russell Sage. The witness, Brian’s wife. This leads her to meet Harper Lloyd, who becomes extremely helpful in her second case, Ameer Ben Ali.

She’s hired by his brother, Basem Ben Ali to prove he is innocent of killing prostitute, Carrie Brown. Ameer is Algerian and occasionally live across the hall from Carrie. When she is murdered, Ameer is arrested, tried, and found guilty by a “jury of his peers”. Mary’s investigation takes her to Coney Island, a huge tourist attraction in a country of immigrants. While there you will meet characters who are not that intricate to the case but help you understand the time period. The opinions of immigrants were not very high, but not just for African-Americans, but for the Irish, Eastern Europeans… anyone who was different. Mary holds a different world view and was not afraid to voice those opinions. Her retorts to some of the comments will having you in stitches. Can she save Ameer from certain death or will he fall victim to a severely corrupt judicial system?

The pacing was a bit slow at times, but it was full of information that helped you understand what it was like to live in Brooklyn during the 1890’s. It also gave you, as the reader, an idea of what you would have experienced during this time period. Mary’s reasoning and deduction skills are modern and amazing. So is the constant banter she has with Harper. They have really great scenes together. What really fascinated me about this book is the research that went into telling this story, as most of the characters are actual people. Some of the chapters do fly by. The writing keeps you engaged. You find yourself wanting to know what will happen to the characters in this chapter and what will happen next. This was a great book and I’m so glad I was picked to read it. 

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Camelot’s Queen ~


Title: Camelot’s Queen (Guinevere’s Tale, Book 2)
Author: Nicole Evelina
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Fantasy
Publisher: Lawson Gartner Publishing
Date of Release: April 12, 2016
Pages: 428
Format: Paperback (The Romance Reviews)

Usually, everyone hates a sequel. It is never as good as the first one. That is not the case here. Guinevere is now married to King Arthur, and while it is not the marriage she wanted, there is very little she can do about it. They have come to respect each other to do what is best for the kingdom and find the Holy Grail. Unfortunately, there is evil at every turn. Just when you thought you knew who to trust, friends quickly become enemies.

CAMELOT’S QUEEN is extremely well written, and I could not put it down. I was captivated with every page, twists, and turns. In other stories, Guinevere is the adulterous wife, but that is not the case in this story. In this story, she is the scapegoat.

I loved every second of this story. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I hope it continues.

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The Field of Mars: Episode I ~ David Rollins

The Field of Mars

Follow Appius, the historian, as he travels with Marcus Licinius Crassus to conquer a neighboring city and put his name in the history books. See what happens when proconsul Crassus tries to follow in the footsteps of Julius Caesar. Marcus Licinius Crassus is a wealthy tyrant without a war to his name… and he isn’t getting any younger. And as every great conqueror had someone tell the tale, proconsul has Appius, who had previously given a lecture on Syria and from the lecture, proconsul has deemed Appius an expert on the area. As Appius agrees to travel with the legion and keep record, you will meet other characters that will play a critical role in this battle and this series. Will Marcus Licinius Crassus be successful or will he suffer the worst defeat known to man?

What I found interesting in this story was reading the mindset and the theories behind their strategies. As per usual, there is a traitor in their midst and while it’s not hard to figure out who the traitor is… it’s extremely interesting to watch it play out. I thought the writing was spectacular and there were a few (very few) comedic moments that it didn’t feel completely serious, but by no means was it a comedy. I would recommend this to history lovers… if you are a fan of Roman history (while this is fiction) I think you would enjoy it!