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Book Review: Timber ~ Remy Blake


Title: Timber (Men at Work, Book 2)
Author: Remy Blake
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Contemporary, NA, Romance
Publisher: Remy Blake
Date of Release: December 14, 2017
Pages: 150
Format: Kindle (Kindle Unlimited)

Being the face of Timber, the new, popular dating app, is a lot of pressure. Magnus Andersen is an absolutely gorgeous man who has everything, but love. He never imagined he would actually USE the app. He’s been a little scarred from his last relationship. Lucy, Avery’s older sister, is the epitome of scarred. The guy she thought she was building a life with, David, decided it wasn’t the life he wanted. After finding out she was pregnant, David takes off. Lucy has been everything to everyone, but now it’s about Lucy. She never thought she’d catch the eye of Magnus on Timber. Will the two of them find love or will this just be a fling?

This is another awesome book in this series. It was a nice continuation from Clipped. What was pretty cool about this one was there’s a scene towards the end of Clipped of Wes and Magnus (business rivals) interacting with each other. You see what happens before and after that scene from Lucy’s and Magnus’s point of view. Both characters are endearing. Lucy is a great mother and down-to-Earth. Magnus is surprisingly down-to-Earth as well and has a slight stutter; which is quite adorable. This is a great series, and I can’t wait to continue!

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Book Review: My Mr. Beautiful ~ Caterina Passarelli

My Mr. Beautiful

Title: My Mr. Beautiful (The Eternal City Love Series, Book 1)
Author: Caterina Passarelli
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Erotica, Romance
Publisher: Caterina Passarelli
Date of Release: November 4, 2015
Pages: 145
Format: Kindle (Kindle Unlimited)

What do you do when you come home a little earlier than expected and you walk in on your boyfriend sleeping with his secretary? Get a fresh start… in Italy! That is exactly what CEO of a multimedia company, Elena Scott does. No return trip plane ticket. A fresh break is what the doctor ordered. While working as a barista, Elena meets Italy’s most eligible bachelor and billionaire, Leonardo Forte. He’s immediately taken with her. The problem is he doesn’t do relationships. He doesn’t believe he’s capable of loving anyone. Just think of what can happen if you can convince him he’s capable of loving and so much more… maybe, just maybe, he can show you how to live… I mean, truly live!

I honestly don’t know where to start, other than there’s a stalker… I don’t mean in just the book… I think I’m going to start stalking Caterina! I finished this in one sitting. I couldn’t get enough. Don’t get me wrong, there were moments of frustration and moments of anger, just from sheer misunderstandings… but I enjoyed this! Elena frustrated me with how she handled who she was. I get wanting to be anonymous, but after deciding you were going to start a relationship with someone… the least you can do is be honest. There were some characters written for you to purely hate them, and you will. The flip side is there are some really awesome characters to balance it out. The people who have become friends to Elena are TRUE friends. It will be interesting to see how the rest of this plays out due to this story ending in a cliffhanger. BUT… if you have a solid 90 minutes (at most), you’ll finish this in one sitting, and immediately move on the next one!

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Nic ~ J.M. Stewart


Title: Nic (Rossi Brothers 2)
Author: J.M Stewart
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Date of Release: November 14, 2016
Pages: 122 pages (Approximately)
Format: Kindle

Warning: There is a bit of a sensitive subject matter of abuse. It’s not explicit, but it is an important element to the story.

We first meeet Nic in Luc, having a little fun at his brothers expense. In this story, you get a sense of Nic’s insecurities. You get the full extent and full understanding of why… and it’s truly heart wrenching. On one fateful night, Anna and her daughter, Lacey enter the Rossi’s restaurant after hours and meet Nic. Both Anna and Nic have experienced traumas in their lives and are extremely open to insecurities, but on different levels.

Anna and Lacey are on the run from Anna’s abusive ex-husband, Tony, and as a result, land themselves in Angel Bay. It’s a nice safe town and a great place to raise a family. As they get to know each other and grow close, love and danger is just around the corner. What do you do? Stand and fight for what you want? Or do you flee?

This is a charming story of love, loss, fighting for what you want in life, and having the courage to receive it. Anna starts off as a woman terrified of all men, especially Nic as there are physical similarities between Nic and Tony. As the story progresses, Anna grows strong and she not only finds her voice, she finds herself. Nic thought he could never love again. He let his guard down and amazing things happened!

Highly recommend to anyone looking for a quick love story!

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Her Knight In Black Leather ~ J.M. Stewart

Current Read 2

First intro to J.M. Stewart and I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve had this book for about two months. I cannot believe it took me so long! It’s quite the love story that has humor to lighten the mood when it gets a bit heavy.

Unfortunately, for some people, the sins of the father (or in this case… mother) has Cat looking for anonymity. Because of an incident involving Cat’s mother when Cat was young, has Cat trying to blend in.

Michael has spent his life trying to be the person he’s always wanted to be, not who his father wants him to be. For that,  he and his father are at odds. There’s a tragic incident in his past that he’d rather forget, but every time he comes home… he’s reminded.

One night, Cat is at a bar with a friend… trying to forget a failed relationship. There’s a guy who just won’t leave her be. Enter Michael. Neither one knows who the other is… and that allows them to both to let their guard down and be who they really are.

The downside to their relationship, there is someone stalking Cat and causing trouble anonymously. Intimate moments between Cat and Michael seem to become public. Desperate measures are taking as their relationship progresses.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. There’s just something about a bad boy who’s domestic… has a vulnerable side… but also has a teasing demeanor with a wicked smile.