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The Wanderer ~ Dahlia Donovan

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Title: Inherited Love  (Dalton Siblings, Book 1)
Author: Katie Mettner
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: LGBT, Romance, Humor
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Date of Release: April 8, 2017
Pages: 248
Format: PDF (The Romance Reviews)


Weddings tend to bring out the romantics in everyone. BC and Graham are no exception! They never thought they would see each other again, only to have a few cupids interfere. Once they encounter each other for the second time, they become inseparable. Doubt and insecurities have Graham running for the hills, but an illness has BC running to Graham. Through such a trying time and mortality on the line, will love conquer all?

The natural ease and flow of conversation between the two characters made this book quite an enjoyable read. There is a natural attraction and a humor that kept the story from being too heavy. There are moments where I couldn’t get the tears to stop falling. BC and Graham are absolutely great characters and very well developed. Their personalities, while quite different, they work very well together. I wish this was a series! (Psst! It looks like it is!)

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Ruby’s Misadventures with Reality ~ Samantha Bohrman

Ruby starts her day by not knowing how she woke up at Noel’s house, and covered is purple sticky stuff. (This is the making of a good story!) Ruby is a lawyer assigned to her first case, Estelle, a sweet grandmother who is charged with a list of crimes that she looks too innocent to have committed.

While trying to acquit Estelle of these charges, you smell a conspiracy. As Ruby tries to unravel this mystery/conspiracy, she lands herself in some bizarre situations that only Ruby can get out of! She’s so endearing that sometimes you can’t help but laugh at some of the antics and situations, but naive enough that you want to sit her down and have a conversation with her about what it’s like to be an adult.

There are references to “The Wizard of Oz” that makes this story such a fun read. There are some modern references as well… Ruby’s boss’s name is Destinee Childs. (Need I say more?!) While you will love the main character, let’s not forget the supporting cast! Each one was so well written that you have love/hate relationships with them. They’re witty, intelligent, and extremely well written.

This book has everything… murder, mystery, humor, conspiracy, a sex tape… what’s not to love?!


My reaction to the sex tape!
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Aglow ~ Krissy Daniels

22035004Meet Marcus, a descendant of the fallen angels, making him part angel, part human. Each of them have a soul mate… sometimes, it just takes a look… sometimes you really have to look for them. For Marcus, all it took was a glance at Camilla… who didn’t even look his way. As it happens, Camilla also comes from the fallen angels. She just doesn’t know it. After a series of events, she learns her power… the ups and downs. And boy are those downs something fierce.

Typical me fashion, I didn’t start with book one. However that wasn’t a problem. I was able to follow along just fine. Now, I have the mouth of a sailor… but I felt like the language was a bit much. It felt like there were at six f-bombs dropped per page. I found myself craving the pages that held the interactions of Marcus and Camilla. Not that the writing was bad, but their chemistry was great.

I would give this a solid 4 out of 5. I like it enough to want to read the first book.