Blog Tour: The Knight of Two Realm ~ Ceara Comeau

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The Knight of Two Realms
Heroes of Avalon Book 1
by Ceara Comeau
Genre: Fantasy, Scifi
It’s been said that the Lady of the Lake gave King Arthur Excalibur.
Legends speak of her beauty and benevolence as she aided the king on his quest to greatness. But in
this twisted tale, she goes by another name, one that terrorizes all who have heard of her wicked deeds–
Unlike her alter ego, Nimue relentlessly sought after Excalibur for a
millennium. With the sword in her hand she would enslave her people and bring destruction to another
world–ripping time apart. But a young historian caught onto her plan.
Avelia Dula is guided by magical visions with the wisdom of how to stop
Nimue. Though, they alone won’t do the trick, she gets help from a woman with unprecedented
knowledge of the Arthurian legends. But, she hides a dark secret, one which could be detrimental to
Avelia’s mission.
Book Trailer
Allow me to take you on a journey to my literary universe–the Chronosalis
Galaxy. Here, you can peer into the lives of aliens, magical creatures, and villains of untold power.
Join me on the adventure of a lifetime and become one with the
characters as you discover the twist in my science-fantasy novels!
$15 Amazon
Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!

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