Book Review: Brayden’s Return ~ Michelle Dare

Brayden's Return

Title: Brayden’s Return (Paranormals of Avynwood Book 5)
Author: Michelle Dare
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Paranormal, Romance
Publisher: Daring Romance LLC
Date of Release: January 10, 2020
Pages: 216
Format: Kindle (BookSprout)

In high school, Brayden was the third wheel with Ari and Paige and was madly in love with Paige, who did not feel the same way. Fast forward, Ari has Orion, and Paige has Wake, and both are apart of the paranormal world, leaving Brayden to once again, be the outsider. We get to journey with Brayden as he navigates his way through the paranormal universe, meeting his mate, Kandra, in the process. Kandra has a troubled past and has a hard time trusting people, especially men. Being in a pack has not been kind to Kandra.

One evening, Brayden encounters an attack and comes to the rescue. It completely endeared him to me. In previous books, I thought he was annoying, but getting his perspective completely changed how I view him. I enjoyed everything about this book. I read this book in one sitting because I needed to know what happens next, but there was one scene I wished was fleshed a bit more. You get more of your favorite characters and a revelation! There were a few moments where Ari annoyed me, but I love her dearly! I need the next book tomorrow!

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