Book Review: Holding Out ~ Lila Rose

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Title: Holding Out (Hawks Motorcycle Club, Book 1)
Author: Lila Rose
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: NA, Romance
Publisher: Unknown
Date of Release: November 16, 2017
Pages: 328
Format: Kindle (Purchased via Amazon)

Everyone has a past. Some more tragic than others. No one knows that better than Zara Edgingway. She left her past behind her, with the help of her best friend, Deanna, and had been looking over her shoulder for 6 years. Talon, leader of the Hawks Motorcycle Club, has had his eye on Zara for the past 6 years and decided today was the day. She made quite the impression on him the first day they met and he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Now her past is catching up with her, and Zara has a decision to make. Do I run or do I stay and fight? Talon, too, has a decision. Will he let her run, or will he stand and fight for her?

I had purchased this book several months ago, with every intention of reading it as soon as I purchased it. Every time I was going to start reading this, I would find another book to read, for fear of being disappointed in this book.  I had been in a reading funk lately and just I was starting to come out of it, I decided to give this book a shot. I’m so glad I did! I read this in one sitting. Not only did I read this in one sitting, but I also grabbed the next book and read that one too! There was humor, romance, suspense, and mystery. Zara is sweet, kind and beautiful, inside and out. Talon is possessive, protective, foul-mouthed, and loving. I regret putting this story off because I feel like this story (maybe even this series) pulled me out of a funk!


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