Book Review: Imitatore ~ A. Rose

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Title: Imitatore (The Donna Chronicles, Book 1)
Author: A. Rose
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Fantasy, YA
Publisher: Self-Published
Date of Release: January 11, 2018
Pages: 130
Format: Kindle (A. Rose via AXP)

Imitatore: (n.) One who has the ability to take on the powers of the Donna.

Donna: (n.) A magical person who has up to SIX special abilities.

The Society, led by Damien, want to change the world. The biggest problem: how he wants to do it. The best thing: he needs the help of the most unwilling person he will ever meet. Welcome to a world where everyone has an ability. If you don’t have an ability, you are deemed to be an ordinary human and made a slave.

Meet Sophie. She has multiple abilities and no one will explain how or why. During one of her many visions, she meets Oliver. Oliver has pale, almost translucent skin and no determinable gender. Oliver is in the heart of the forest; which is dangerous at the best of times. With the addition of Oliver, Sophie’s already interestingly difficult life becomes more complicated. With the help of Sarah, the librarian (who has a very gifted memory), and the help of The Council, Sophie and Oliver hone their abilities and must decide whose side will they join in this battle of good vs. evil. Will they make the right decision or will the world change as they know it?

The pros: The world is creatively diverse. There is inclusion of all sorts, we have POC, a non-binary character, a deaf character, and a pretty strong, yet frustrating female heroine. While Sophie knows she is strong, she also knows she has a lot to learn about herself and the abilities are a game changer. This is the kind of book if you read it a second time, you’ll pick up things you missed the first time. You’ll notice something different every time.

The cons: The first few chapters are confusing. You don’t know who is talking and who is doing what. It isn’t made clear who is who. Once you’ve finished the story, you’ll have to re-read the first few chapters. Knowing what you know, the first few chapters will make sense the second time around. Some issues or developments aren’t fully explained, but I’m guessing that helped set up the next book.

The book ends in such a way you have to read the next book to know how the world will turn out. With Sophie’s own internal battle of good vs. evil, will she be able to control her abilities and save not only the world but save herself? Stay tuned!




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