Book Review: Protogenesis ~ Alysia Helming



Title: Protogenesis (The Protogena Chronicles, Book 1)
Author: Alysia Helming
Rating: 1.5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Mythology, Sci-Fi
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Date of Release: March 29, 2018
Pages: 398
Format: Kindle (NetGalley)

There aren’t many books on my DNF list, but the books that are on that list are there for a reason. Unfortunately, this book will have to join the list. Protogenesis has a very promising synopsis about a young girl who loses her mother and goes on a journey to find her. Instead, what you get is a story about a young girl who loses her mother and goes to Greece to find her, but gets sidetracked by two young men, whom she can’t decide who she wants to be with. It seemed like Helene spent more time being in a love triangle than finding her mom. Helene came off as a whiny brat, who didn’t treat people very well. The author creates a love triangle that just didn’t work for me. Both Nick and Ever were treated poorly by Helene. I understand she is going through something rough… but her rudeness was off-putting and made it hard to have any kind of sympathy for her.

The Greek mythology was there, but I don’t think it was enough to save this book. The writing was a bit immature, and ironically, didn’t take away from anything, but the execution was off. I made it the 62% mark and no longer cared about what happened. I will try to finish this book at a later time, but to get to 62% was a struggle.

Thanks to NetGalley and Black Rose Writing for approving me to read and review, but I don’t think I was the intended audience for this one.


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