Book Review: The Immortals ~ Alesha Escobar


The Immortals
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Title: The Immortals (The Immortal Brotherhood, Book 1)
Author: Alesha Escobar & H.M. Jones
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal
Publisher: Creative Alchemy, Inc.
Date of Release: March 26, 2018
Pages: 170
Format: Kindle (Lizzie Black)

What is more badass than a woman who moonlights by stealing precious items from powerful people? How about being a badass whose family legacy is helping save the world from evil? Meet Raina Black. She is a spy that works for a company called Hyperion (I, for one, will never see Disney the same anymore…) but moonlights after hours to help pay her sister’s medical bill. On her recent assignment, things go wrong… very quickly. The item she was hired to procure is a part of her family legacy and has fixed itself to her. The Immortal Brother to her aid. Meet Noah. He has a powerful and dangerous gift. He can regenerate! (I thought of Doctor Who, but it’s a bit different!) Noah helps Raina escape, but convincing her she needs the Brotherhood as much as they need her… well… he’s out of his depth. Will Raina be able to save her dying sister and help the Brotherhood, or will the two conflict? If so, who will she choose? The life of her sister, or the fate of the world?

There is chemistry between Raina and Noah. While it is acknowledged, it doesn’t go beyond the acknowledgment. On one hand, I’m glad it didn’t. Romance isn’t the focus of this story, so to take it beyond the two noticing the other is attractive would have definitely taken away from the story. On the other hand, I so wanted them to be together, and perhaps they will be. THere just wasn’t room in the first book for every element. I would like to know more about the organization Raina worked for, Hyperion. How do they tie into The Brotherhood and the evil forces they are up against? The characters are quite interesting and I need more of them (particularly Bev) in my life. I will be continuing this series because I need to know what happens to the bad guy?! This is a good start to a series!


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