Book Review: Dragon School: The Ruby Isles ~ Sarah K. L. Wilson


The Ruby Isles
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Title: The Ruby Isles (Dragon School, Book 4)
Author: Sarah K.L. Wilson
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, YA
Publisher: Unknown
Date of Release: February 4, 2018
Pages: 81
Format: Kindle (Amazon)

Okay, so… things get real very quickly at the end of The Dark Prince and no one is happy! The Magickas have kidnapped Savette, but no one seems eager to rescue her… except Amel it seems. Due to Leng’s interference (even though he really was trying to help), Savette was taken from the prince’s side. Unfortunately, that’s not the only problem. Starie was able to explain her side in all of this and it completely contradicts Amel’s version of events. Just like before, social and economic status plays a role. Because she’s not a High Castelan, the Dragon School is not going to believe her. But Amel has bigger fish to fry! The Dark Prince wants to speak with her… and that’s never a good thing, especially since she was just threatened by Grandis Elfar, a full Dragon Rider and teacher. If Amel reveals anything to the prince, whether true or false, she’ll be expelled from Dragon School, lowered to the life of a servant, and will lose Raolcan forever. Plot Twist The prince knows Amel knows both Savette and Starie and wants a full report on both. Who can he trust and rule with? Amel has three days to come back with that information or not only will she forfeit her life, she’ll forfeit Raolcan’s as well. The plot thickens!

On top of dealing with all of this, Amel still needs to rescue Savette. However, the only person who knows her location… Starie. Sigh Can Amel get the information to rescue Savette or will she succumb to the pressure put on her from every which way? There is so much happening in these 81 pages! While it’s not overwhelming, a lot is happening. Everything that is happening has to happen and Amel finds allies in the most unlikely people. Every page was a page turner and left me wanting more.


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