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(Book Review) The Edinburgh Seer ~ Alisha Klapheke

The Edinburgh Seer
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Title: The Edinburgh Seer (Edinburgh Seer, Book 1)
Author: Alisha Klapheke
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Publisher: Self-Published
Date of Release: November 25, 2017
Pages: 252
Format: ePub (Six Queens)

This is my first book by Alisha Klapheke and her writing gives me life! It’s a wonderful blend of fantasy and Scottish culture. Aini works in a candy show with her father, but there is something special about the candy… but more importantly, there is something special about Aini. Aini’s secret could cost her life. Thane is a handsome son-of-a-gun with a high level of intelligence. He too, has a secret! Aini’s father is taken and she means to get him back!

I loved the alternate reality aspect to this story. Mix in Scotland (which is on my bucket list BTW) and history, and I. AM. YOURS! I will admit, I do judge a book by its cover. And this cover is fantastic. I know usually the blurb is what attracts people to the book, but for me it was the cover. The synopsis is great and the story kept me wanting more and needing to know what happens next.

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(Book Review) Joy ~ C.S. Poe

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Title: Joy (States of Love)
Author: C.S. Poe
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: LGBT, Romance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date of Release:  April 5, 2017
Pages: 76
Format: PDF (The Romance Reviews) 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading JOY. I read this in one sitting.

There’s something about a guy who’s down on his luck and the sweet and silent guy. Gideon and Silas are perfect for each as they balance out one another. Gideon’s hints at insecurity is endearing and frustrating all at the same time. Silas being a man of few words gives you the wrong impression of him in the beginning, but once you get to know him… the book blossoms!

C.S. Poe’s writing is great. The intent of all characters are clear and simple, and the writing is easy to understand. I’ve read one other C.S. Poe story and I enjoyed it. I can definitely add this author to my list of favorite authors.