Book Review! Warlock for Hire ~ Sean Stone


Warlock for Hire
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Title: Warlock for Hire (Arcane Inc., Book 1)
Author: Sean Stone
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Publisher: Unknown
Date of Release: May 26, 201
Pages: 249 (5h 45m)
Format: Audio (Audioboom!)

You have to love a book that tells you upfront, the main character is a bit of a prick. He’s rude, obnoxious, a bit pretentious, and unapologetic. He, my dear friends, is Eddie Lancaster… and he’s in a bit of a pickle! Unfortunately for Eddie, he’s about to find out why all those character traits listed above is starting to be his downfall.

He meets Ashley Sheridan, who is in serious need of his services and is in trouble… Killian Myers, an extremely powerful man, wants her to make him invincible. She can’t do it alone. But what can you do when the one man you don’t want to help, can see your every move?

This was a fast-paced story, with action and humor on almost every page. The writing was great, but the narration was better. The narrator, Hans Hill, adds a personality to each character and brings them to life. This had just the right amount of humor and sarcasm, without it being overbearing and annoying. I found myself laughing out loud and thoroughly enjoying this story.



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