Wicked Wednesday! Worth the Risk ~ Weston Parker

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Title: Worth the Risk
Author: Weston Parker
Genre: Romance
Date of Release: September 29, 2017
Pages: 303

¸¸.•¨•★ Free! ★•¨•.¸¸

Blurb: Research is my passion.
And after my time in the city, I need the wilderness to settle my nerves.

But Park Ranger Caleb Hunt has something else in mind.
Settling my nerves is definitely not on his to-do list.

Tall, handsome and cocky as hell. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted.
In my world.
In my bed.

But something in his past is holding him back.
One second he’s hot as the surface of the sun.
The next, he’s cold as the ice on a mountaintop.

I want to tame his heart, but he’s wild as the wilderness he ranges.
But I’m willing to take a chance.
I just hope like hell he’s worth the risk.

Every Good Girl Deserves a Bad Boy. ~Weston Parker

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