Hers To Heal ~ Vonnie Davis


Title: Hers To Heal (Black Eagle Ops, Book 2)
Author: Vonnie Davis
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Military
Publisher: Loveswept
Date of Release: November 22, 2016
Pages: 277
Format: Kindle (NetGalley)

Welcome back to Eagle Ridge Ranch, and give a big Texas hello to Reece Browning! Reece is the newest member of ZQ’s old team to come to the ranch for recovery after the loss of his arm. After the trauma he endured at the hands of his captors, Reece has taken to not speaking. Gina, his physical therapist, is the polar opposite. She’s quite the chatterbox. In the beginning, it looks as though it bugs him that she talks non-stop, but it’s really just to get him to open up. He slowly starts to open up, and you get to see what Reece may have been like before becoming a SEAL. As the story progresses, you get the backstory of Gina and Reece. You also meet Gina’s daughter, Piper, who is the smartest 6-year-old you will ever meet, and she’s looking for a father. While their friendship develops into a relationship, trouble is brewing. Will ZQ and his team be able to step in and prevent a crisis, or will they be too late?

I had moments of frustration and moments where I literally laughed out loud. As I relived the traumas with Gina and Reece, I gained a deeper level of appreciation and respect for the men and women in our Armed Forces. It reminds you how real PTSD is and how poorly it’s being treated. I thank Ms. Davis for bringing attention to the subject.

I fell in love with the secondary characters. I found Piper to be absolutely adorable. She’s reminded me of Bryce’s daughter, Colleen, from A Highlander’s Passion. I cannot forget Junebug and her love for Jack. It is truly hilarious. I enjoyed getting to know and (slightly) understand Ashley and everything she has been through. I’m not sure whose story I’m more looking forward to, ZQ or JJ. All I know is I can’t wait.

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