Leftover Girl ~ C.C. Bolick


Title: Leftover Girl (Book 1)
Author: C.C. Bolick
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Sci-fi, Romance, YA
Publisher: Dirt Road Books
Date of Release: September 19, 2016
Pages: 202
Format: PDF (Author)

For 15 year old Jessica Delaney, life as she knows is about to change. It’s about to become more difficult than she could have ever realized. Jes doesn’t remember anything of her first 4 years of life and moves to a different state practically every year. This year, she and her family are moving to Credence… mom’s hometown. Her next door neighbor is mom’s sister, Aunt Charlie and her two children, Pade and Bailey. Let the fun begin! Starting with your first day of high school… sigh.

On her first day, she meets Chase. Now, you might think… he must be the love interest. You’re not wrong… but you’re not right either! He’s Bailey’s love interest. Chase and Jes do become extremely close. They can tell each other everything… and they do. Chase is just out of this world… literally! He and his mom are here on a mission to find a girl who went missing when she was young and in New York. Chase feels like it’s Jes and everything points to it. If only she could remember what happened when she was four!!!!

What I loved was there was mystery and intrigue. Is she the missing girl? If she is, how do you explain some of the things that are going on with her? Especially when you say it goes against the norms of your planet?

I figured out the answer to some of my questions early on, after I correctly made an assumption. It was interesting to watch it play out. There was some of your normal teenage angst… “Does Pade like me?” I have to say… Pade may have been one of my least favorite characters. He ran hot and cold pretty often. It’s a wonder Jes didn’t get whiplash with it! While it starts off a bit slow, it’s well worth it! Book 2 comes out in January and I’ll be waiting!


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