Luc ~ J. M. Stewart


Title: Luc
Author: J.M. Stewart
Review Rating: 4
Reviewed by: Shakera

When is it considered appropriate to move on when the person you made a vow to spend the rest of your life with passes away? Your spouse would want you to move on, to be happy, right?

That is what Liz and Luc are battling and J.M. Stewart perfectly captures that. Ms. Stewart beautifully captures the internal battle within Liz as she tries to move on, without the guilt. Luc is battling the same problem… but in different ways. They see in each other what they never had with their significant other. While they loved their significant other, neither one was ignited by the passion they feel for each other.

The characters, while well developed, aren’t terribly complex. It was a quick read and heartfelt. It was well written with a steady pace. Perfect for anyone who wants a quick romantic read.

I received a copy from The Romance Reviews in exchange for an honest review.

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