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Touch of Iron ~ Timandra Whitecastle

Touch of Iron.jpg

Title: Touch of Iron
Author: Timandra Whitecastle
Series: YES! Book 1 of The Living Blade
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewer: Shakera

Can a review be started with “Holy shit!” Wow! This book was amazing! Touch of Iron was everything I expected and more. The plot was fast paced and full of history and legend of this fantasy country with well developed and interesting characters. Nora is a kickass heroine. She’s tough, funny and definitely smarter than anyone gives her credit for. At the same time… she’s spontaneous, careless and at times reckless. As Nora follows her twin brother, Owen, to help the fallen prince, Bashan, find the Living Blade to regain his kingdom, she meets an interesting group of men and danger at every turn.

One of the most interesting in the group is half-human, half-wight Master Diaz. I love everything about him. He is a warrior, a teacher, a gentleman and an outcast. His duty is to protect the innocent and guide the lost. Nora just happens to be both. However, Nora has a major part to play with the Living Blade. Both Master Diaz and Nora have demons they need to battle from their past and an internal battle of what is right and what is wrong versus what needs to be done. With all this going on, Nora must determine who can and can’t trust.

Every page was a page-turner full of excitement and curiosity, history and action, characters to love and hate. The story is compelling and I can’t wait for the second installment!


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