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Wicked ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout



Title: Wicked
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series: Yes
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewer: Shakera

I’m a bit torn about this story.(No pun intended as Torn is the name of the next book in the series). This was a bit better than meh, but not outstanding. Ivy is a part of the Order that protects humans against the Fae. Ren is a transfer from Colorado and very mysterious. Together, they must find the person who is betraying the Order to the Fae, who wants to open the gates to come through to the human world. The story takes place in lovely New Orleans. Ms. Armentrout paints a vivid picture of the city. So if you’ve been there, you have huge amounts of references as to every part of town Ivy and Ren travel to.

While the story itself was entertaining, the dialogue was a bit weird. Some of the things Ren would say to Ivy felt a bit awkward because no one speaks that way in normal conversation. So while the dialogue was a bit off-putting, it didn’t stop me from reading the rest of the book. There are a few supporting characters that have the potential to steal the show! My favorite is Tink, who is obsessed with Harry Potter! Tink can have you in stitches!

I can see why there were such rave reviews and 5 star ratings, for me this was just a bit short. It doesn’t stop me from wanting to read Torn. In fact, I look forward to it!


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