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Beautiful Goodbye ~ H. D’Agostino

Beautiful Goodbye.jpg


Title: Beautiful Goodbye
Author: H. D’Agostino
Reviewer: Shakera
Rating: 4 Stars

If you have 2 hours free and you don’t know what to do with yourself… YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK! This book will have you going through every emotion possible. I have laughed, I have cried, I have been frustrated, and I have been pleasantly surprised. This is a touching story about love and loss, healing and forgiveness.

Both Rachel and Ryan have experienced such tremendous loss early in their lives… one by natural causes, the other by a terrible accident. One tries to hold on while the other seeks forgiveness and redemption. Ryan and Rachel meet at a bar… after such a long day for both, Rachel goes to meet her best friend, Kasey, and Ryan to meet co-workers. They bump into each other, quite literally and sparks fly. Rachel is a tough as nails tom boy (which I love) and she’s a mechanic! (YES, fist pump). Ryan is a nurse in the pediatric ward. They balance each other out very well. The progression of their relationship is believable and adorable.

In this book, one of the big takeaways for me was the vitality of blood donations. I’m not sure if it was intended to be so impactful, but for me it was. It helped moved the plot along and it spoke to how vital it is to be a donor. (Again, I cannot speak to whether this was a major component, but I like that it was there.) The story was compelling and moving. I could not put this story down. This story showed me how beautiful a goodbye really could be. Well done!


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