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Village Books ~ Craig McLay

Village Books

Title: Village Books
Author: Craig McLay
Reviewer: Shakera
Rating: 4 Stars

This book came as recommendation and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. I will say books narrated in the first person make me a bit nervous. Sometimes I get a bit confused as to who’s speaking… it could be just me. (I accept that!)

Village Books is a bookstore that is on the verge of extinction. A big corporation wants to buy the building to tear it down! It has been around for 30 years and during its time, I’m sure it has seen some interesting characters (no pun intended). The current list of employees are eclectic and most are eccentric, but one could never say they were boring! Let’s meet the characters, shall we?

Narrator: You will never learn his name, but he is quite engaging. He’s witty, and charming. His dry sense of humor as he guides you through the story will, at times, have you laughing out loud. He has worked in Village Books for 3 years as the assistant manager, looking for something more… something different. He’s also tried his hand at being an author.

Dante: The manager and resident WebMD expert. His character lacks backbone as a decision maker, but he’s great at helping you get out of blind dates. His mother wants to see him married before she dies…he has other ideas.

Leah Dashwood: The new part time manager. She has aspirations of a career in acting. She’s smart, funny, and charming. She tells it like she sees it, but she certainly knows how to soften the blow.

Aldous: The philosophy student. In truth, he really has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s the young guy who dresses like the hippy because he believes it makes him look the part of a philosopher. He’s just as lost as everyone else.

Ebeneezer: Former English teacher who’s cranky as hell, but your inner nerd loves him because he knows all the classics! And he’s in love the owner of the cafe next door. (In the running to be my favorite character in the story).

Mina: Cashier and batshit crazy… like her husband that works for the military… and he’s missing… as in no one can find him and he’s not on his medication. As the reader, this is mildly humorous, but not so much for…

Sebastian: The playboy! He’s also the narrator’s best friend. Sebastian starts off on top of the world, however the further you get into the book, he takes you takes you through many “WTF, dude?!” moments. His fall from grace is spectacular, yet historical. (The other character in the running to be my favorite).

There are other characters that add to the story, such as the Irish pub owner… (Word of advice, don’t order any drinks that are NOT on the menu!) and helps the plot move along, but there were times I was a bit lost because I had a little trouble distinguishing who was speaking. (Not many times, that’s why I rated this a 4). This book was extremely witty and it was well written. Watching the plot play out will have you laughing out loud and wanting to visit Toronto! Good read!


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