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Reflection: The Stranger In the Mirror ~ Rachel R. Smith


I thoroughly enjoyed this story! In the first book of the series you meet Nerrisa, who is just starting to learn what it means to lead. She is a the heir to the throne but wants a little bit of anonymity. She’s a few days out for the masquerade ball and sees this as her opportunity to get just that. She has the dress maker create a separate dress that will not distinguish her as royalty. She gets her wish, but it comes at a devastating cost.

She switches her costume and her life as she knows it, changes… forever. Her kingdom is attacked and she learns that her kingdom has been harboring a secret that could change everything… down to how she chooses to deal with the attack.

This is a great start to the series! There’s magic, mystery, intrigue, and humor. I was transported to a world that was on one hand, quite normal and simple… but on the other hand quite mystical all at the same time. There were a few characters that had you questioning where their loyalties lie. I read this as though the first book was an episode… I can’t wait to read the next one!


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