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Vexed ~ Wren Michaels





Title: Vexed
Author: Wren Michaels
Rating: 5 Stars

What’s better than a paranormal romance? A paranormal romance with a kick ass heroine (that’s what)! Oh, and a gay best friend/roommate… and a ghost! What?! I did mention “paranormal”! In the heart of Louisiana, Kena has been in hiding… for many, MANY years. Except, she doesn’t know she’s in hiding. We meet Kena as a police officer in post Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. She’s an officer on suspension under suspicion of misconduct while undercover as the girlfriend of Vinny, the Mafia leaders son.

When Hurricane Katrina came through and leveled the town, Vinny’s father lost everything.  To get his territory back, Vinny’s father decided to dabble a bit with the spririt world, which he doesn’t understand…and can’t control. Powerful spirits get released and it’s time for Kena to come out of hiding. What better way than having Luc, your friendly building supervisor to jog your memory!

I thought the synopsis would be what drew me to the book… while the synopsis was interesting, including a beautiful cover, the first couple of lines of the story grabbed me! And it kept me glued to the story.It was funny, it was charming, it was EVERYTHING! The characters, whether main or secondary, were well developed which made the story that much more compelling. There were scenes that had me in tears from laughing, but also in tears from sorrow. This story broke me down, built be back up, and broke me down again. I felt like I was on a roller coaster of emotions! I love a story that has a strong female lead. Kena was strong on her own, but even stronger with Luc. The love scenes between them were stunning. They were sensual and passionate. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a plot to get wrapped up in, characters to can fall in love with, and an awesome read.


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