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Summer’s Road ~Kelly Moran

pretty girl cuddling with boyfriend on beach at santa monica

You can spend your entire life trying to find that someone special. In this case, for Summer it has always been Ian. She just never saw him in that light… but he’s been seeing her in that light for many, MANY years. Everyone saw it but Summer.

Just when Summer had herself in a comfortable routine, her estranged mother shows up challenging everything she knew to be true. To help get through this, Summer leans on her three best friends, Dee, Rick and Ian. As if dealing with her estranged mother wasn’t enough, she has casual relationship with Matt. While Summer cares for Matt, he doesn’t make her feel the way Ian does.

So we’re dealing with a mom who wants back in, a guy you care for and a guy who you love without realizing he’s been in love with you for years. I thought the story was extremely sweet and endearing, but at the same time Summer made feel extremely frustrated. All of Ian’s actions showed how he felt while Summer didn’t really know what she wanted. BUT when she figured out what she wanted, it was magical.

There were moments when I felt like pace was a bit slow, but engaging enough that you wanted to continue. My favorite aspect of this book was reading a scene from years ago and then seeing how it correlates to present day. Kelly Moran connects this story so well to the past that you feel all the memories of Summer. The past meets the present in an intricate and engaging story from start to finish. Not only is each character important, but you easily grow attached to Rick, Dee, and Ian; each play a complex role for Summer throughout her reveries.


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