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Atlantis Rising ~ Gloria Craw

Atlantis Rising

For the last three years Alison has worked hard to make herself invisible because a stranger told her that if guy knew she existed, he would stop at nothing to have her on his side. She always knew she was different. It is revealed that Alison is a child of Atlantis. They call themselves Dewings. Half of dewings believe they are superior to the human race and they should rule the world. They other half believe humans should have free will just as the dewings have. It’s a battle of who can defeat the other and what happens to the human race.

Being invisible for three years was working until Ian and Brandy came to town! They come to town looking for the thoughtmaker… and what do you know! Alison is a thoughtmaker. Thoughtmakers are very rare. They have the ability to put thoughts into someone’s head. It’s no wonder other dewings are looking for her, but for most… she’s a myth. Upside: Alison’s exactly who Ian and Brandy are looking for. Downside: she  grew up in a human family household, so she doesn’t know everything about herself and what she can do. As they tell Alison how dire their situation is, they all realize her lessons are going to be difficult, but necessary. Let’s add to the problem: there’s a mole! So, to recap: Alison, Ian and Brandy are dewings trying to save the world from this deranged dewing name Sabastian… batshit crazy! While you were happy with the results, you weren’t very pleased with how you got the results. But hey, all’s well that ends well.

While there is a romance component to this story, I wouldn’t say it’s the main focus of the story. Ian was mysterious and absolutely swoon worthy. Brandy is an absolute sweetheart and you feel for her in her struggle. It was an interesting read (even though I found the cover to be a little misleading, but that’s probably my fault. I was expecting there to be a mermaid… there isn’t one…) and I look forward to the sequel.



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