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Beach Patrol ~ Michelle Moore

Beach Patrol

All Dan needed was a blood sample from a turtle to finish his degree… what he got instead was a lot more interesting! While on the beach, Dan meets lifeguard, Jay… who is a bit socially awkward. Later that night, Jay tells Dan a 400 year old ghost story… Let the entertainment begin. The next night while looking for a turtle, a storm blows through catching Dan off guard. Dan finds out, this isn’t just a story… Now Dan is doing everything in his power to find out everything he can about Jay and his family. Long gone are the thoughts of finding a turtle!

The interactions between Dan, Jay, and Joseph (the town historian) are great. The three of them make a great team. They’re funny, smart, and just down right entertaining. The story however, while entertaining… just didn’t really work. At times, it just got too weird as the pages turned. I gave it a 3 because of continuity issues… for instance: Joseph, Jay, and Dan were going to Gas Roots. Joseph had Jay drive… but Jay doesn’t have a license. If they were all getting there together, why didn’t Joseph drive? It’s minor, but something that I noticed… but overall, it was entertaining.


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