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Everealm ~ J.D. Wright


Where to begin? This book has everything! Wizards, kingdoms, fantastic villains, and love. There was everything to love about this book. The only thing to hate were the villains… a great sign that they were well written.

Bree is set to be the Queen and to protect her kingdom, she needs the help of Dagan the wizard, Rowan the assassin/knight in training, and Sidonie the Sabra (the equivalent to the Amazons). Together they must save the kingdom from Bree’s estranged uncle, Silas, that has his own kingdom to run/ruin… but the threat isn’t exactly what they thought it was.

I know the focus should be Bree and Rowan, even Dagan and Sidonie… but Silas and his wife, Vacilla, were great villains. They made life for everyone pure hell… even each other.  They have been such miserable people for so long, they don’t how to be any other way.

My favorite character may just be Dagan. He’s charming, sensitive, and funny. I really enjoyed the chapters he was in. The chemistry between Dagan and Sidonie was magical. There were times when my heart just ached for them. There is a bit of a plot twist at the end that was foreshadowed a bit earlier in the story. I can’t wait to see where this story goes!


One thought on “Everealm ~ J.D. Wright

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