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Exposure ~ Kelly Moran

Exposure 2

I received this ARC for an honest review… and I’m so glad I did!

I have read a couple of Ms. Moran’s books and I loved them. This one is no exception. It is one of her more steamier books, so be prepared!

Raven and Noah have been friends for years so naturally there should be some type of chemistry between them… and boy was there! The love scenes were very well written. Some authors should take notice of how to write a STEAMY love scene (no names will be mentioned…)! Were there a lot of love/sex scenes? Of course, but they were tastefully done and highly sensual instead of vulgar. There were tender moments between the two of them and moments between Noah and his family that RavenĀ sees a different person than the public… and it helped show the development of their relationship.

Ms. Moran painted a beautifully vivid picture of the Alaskan territory and developed each character quite well. You wonder why Raven and Noah are the way they are, but as the book goes on… you understand. The storyline of the two was brilliant. There was mutual respect and admiration… now throw in suspense and dire situations, you have yourself a great book!



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