Bearing It All ~ Vonnie Davis

Current Read

I know it’s been a WHILE since I’ve posted a review and I am so sorry for that and I appreciate everyone who stuck with me! I been promoted at work and I’ve had a LOT to learn! It’s exciting and overwhelming all at the same time! To take my mind off of work, I had this delectable book! This is the finale of such a great series!!!! I’m sad to see the end, but so glad to have read this!

This story is about the middle child, Ronan. In the second story (see review here!), Ronan told Effie the only way he’ll find a woman would be if she fell from the sky and knocked him on his ass… And Anisa does just that! Anisa is on the run from the CIA and her French government. She is being set up as the mole inside this government agency and is desperate to clear her name. In the process, she reconnects with Ronan, who interned for her grandfather several years ago and it created the man we know today.

This book for me was a page turner! There’s humor, romance, espionage, and did I mention a few HILARIOUS moments with Magnus/Brother Bear?! Good times to be had! It was great to watch the growth of all characters throughout the entire series. Ms. Davis captures your imagination extremely well taking you from the majestic Highlands to the modern, busy streets of Paris, France. This is a series I can read over and over again and feel like I will notice something different every time!

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