Trancing the Tiger ~ Rachael Slate

In Chinese mythology, each year means something. Each year correlates to a zodiac animal and that animal has special meaning. For instance, I am the year of the Rat. (And I have to say, growing up knowing that and how I feel about rats… didn’t exactly give me a sunny disposition… Haha!) However, after reading this… I have changed my mind on being born the year of the Rat.

There’s a terrible disease being spread across the world. Two of the casualties are Lucy’s parents. Going to the only family she has left, she makes the venture to China where she meets her uncle… and her mysterious, yet sexy neighbor, Sheng. Everything about Sheng exudes confidence and swagger. It should since he’s the Tiger. He was under the impression that he would be meeting the Dragon when he met Lucy… instead he got Rabbit. Lucy’s shy and perceptive and a lot stronger than anyone gives her credit for. Sheng needs to pull her to his side before Snake can get to her. Through a series of interesting (and some unfortunate) events, Lucy finds her inner spirit and it’s time to take her place. The question is, who will she choose?

Ms. Slate paints a very vivid image of China and the culture that surrounds it. She puts you right in the center of the myths and legends, the danger and the action, and the love and understanding. It is so easy to get caught up in this world wind story of action and romance that when you finally finish, you don’t realize the day has past! I look forward to reading more in this series.

(If you’re interested in knowing your Chinese zodiac animal, click here.)

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