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Made For Us ~ Samantha Chase

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Take a fiery red head, Zoe, and an anal retentive, Aiden, and you have quite an interesting duo. Aiden has a very successful construction company. Zoe is an interior designer. She replaces the first designer and finds that what everyone said about him is true. He’s difficult to work for. (Personally, I wouldn’t agree… he’s a bit of a perfectionist, but hey… who doesn’t have high standards for themselves?!)

This is a story about embracing change and how sometimes you have to let go of the baggage that’s holding you back. You sometimes have to truly leave the past… in the past. Which easier said than done, but if you can do that… something amazing can be waiting for you.

Aiden’s always been the one his family could count on…before and after mom died. It was a role he became used to, no matter how many family members told him to create a life for himself. Enter Zoe, and everything changes. While it is a tight knit family, it didn’t take much to feel at home with them. Unfortunately, that made Aiden uncomfortable. The dynamics of his relationship with his family and Zoe were changing and he didn’t know how to handle it. It becomes quite clear that Aiden doesn’t like change and it makes him anxious. But he’s not the only one dealing with change. Zoe’s whole life changed with one storm. She has to pick up the piece and try to put her life back together, but how can you do that when your life was in the storm?

While there was angst and romance, you get a peek at what it’s like to always be the strong one and having to always feel like you HAVE to be the strong one. You also get to see what it’s like for the characters to realize you can get more out of life… all you have to do is embrace change.


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