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Breaking Out: Parts I &II ~ Michelle Diener

Current Read pt. 2

Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read and review this awesome 2-part story. If you enjoy “X-Men”, I think you would enjoy this. There are a couple of slight differences between the two, but pretty similar as well.

Part One… You meet Kelli, a very special young lady that is kept from others within the facility. You know there’s something special about Kelli.. but there’s something special about everyone there. As room check is happening, a fight occurs and we meet Nate. Nate is about to be transported to another facility. Needless to say, he doesn’t want to go. As Nate is fighting the orderlies, he receives assistance from Kelli…just not the kind he was expecting. As they escape, they pick up Giles along the way. He provides a bit of the comic relief. On their way out, they find a list…it’s a list of everyone in other facilities…who are just like them. So naturally, it’s time to go rescue them!

This leads into Part two…

Nina is trying to fly under the radar and she thinks she’s doing a great job… except, not so much. She’s being tested about her ability and she doesn’t even know it. When provoked, they see just how dangerous Nina can be. Like the others, she’s been biding her time until she can escape…enter Giles, Nate and Kelli. Can the 3 of them get Nina out or will she be captured with the rest of them?

There was a bit of a romance aspect to the stories, which I didn’t mind. But there wasn’t too much focus on that. It was really cool to see different abilities and how it worked for each character. For the purpose of the review, NetGalley combined Parts One and Two, but they will be sold separately. The stories are short, so they can be breezed through. (No, seriously it can happen… I finished Part One and was shocked that I finished it so quickly… truly kept my attention!) I look forward to the rest of this series!


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