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The Homecoming ~ J. Scott Coatsworth

The Homecoming - cover2

Aldiss’s world was destroyed and the next best thing was going to Earth. Once on Earth he encounters Hari, a shape shifting wolf. Aldiss goes out to scout and encounters a bit of danger (another shape shifting wolf) and Hari saves him. There’s an immediate attraction, but there is something so familiar about Aldiss but Hari can’t put a finger on it. During a fight with the rest of the wolf pack, Aldiss takes a bite to the calf from the pack leader. And now, Aldiss is a shifter. As it happens, they share a grandfather. Centuries ago, Alvin, Aldiss’s and Hari’s grandfather, came to Earth and pro-created. The whole point was to create a virus that would have the shifters be annihilated by humans. What Alvin didn’t counted on, Aldiss being the last human to survive. (Talk about throwing a wrench in the plan!)

It was a quick story that at times felt rushed, but enjoyable. It’s only about 71 pages, so it’s a quick read. There is a bit a of an incestuous love scene between Aldiss and Hari. (It’s prior to finding out they are related, but hey… ) It didn’t stop me from enjoying the story!


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