Pin-Up Fireman ~ Vonnie Davis

Current Read

Boyd is a fireman that has been living the straight and narrow for a year due to a custody battle between him and his vicious ex-wife, Chantel. Graci-Ella is a lawyer that does freelance photography. She wants to do a calendar of his squad to benefit the local food shelter. Boyd, not interested. He doesn’t want to jeopardize his chances of winning custody of his son, Matt. However, Boyd’s attraction to Graci-Ella is immediate… and mutual. But with all great love stories… there’s always one jackass who turns out to be quite dangerous! As Boyd and Graci-Ella grow serious, it’s time for her to meet Matt. There’s something about a kid with no filter that I just love (and no one does that better than Mrs. Davis!) There’s a scene where the photos are being taken that I just absolutely loved!

This was a great story of what life and love can be if you can learn to open up (your mind and heart) and learn to trust. Ms. Davis has a way with the pen and I look forward to reading WAY more books from her!

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