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A Hard Ride Home ~ Emory Vargas

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Welcome to Silver Creek, the birth place of Emmett Grady! (Think Wild West)… Emmett has come home after an approximate 6 year hiatus, to become the new sheriff. The old sheriff was “mysteriously” drowned… hmmm. His first night as sheriff, he arrests a male prostitute named Jesse. Emmett is absolutely smitten… Jesse is intrigued. Emmett’s dad, Warren only wants Jesse. Jesse wants to be free. Emmett wants to help with that.

The story gives you the feel of reading a western, but you don’t get the whole gun fight, Gun Smoke feel until the book is about 80% over. No one should look to this book for a historical outlook. You can see that Jesse is a complex person and Emmett is confused within himself about who is really is, however towards the end… a few things are cleared up. I’d give it a 3.5 stars…


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