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To Win Her Love ~Mackenzie Crowne

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At the reading the will for Pete, you meet Gracie, his sister in law, and Jake, his estranged son. Sparks fly between the two as the identity of each other causes the other quite a stir. She is a football blogger and he is a professional football player. They were in a war of words via her blog, so her identity threw him for a loop. In Pete’s will, there is a clause for custody of his 6 year old twin daughters, Angel and Charlie. The problem… Jake didn’t know he even had siblings. (So much for being the only child!) The stipulation, Gracie and Jake must live on the farm with the  girls and get to know them. If they both manage to stay, the girls pick who will be their guardian. Sounds simple enough… one would think…

Gracie is harboring a secret that could potential destroy Jake’s career. She’s has some daddy issues… for instance, she’s never met him but she knows of him. The issue isn’t her not knowing her dad… it’s who her dad is. If Gracie thought the media was having a field day with her argument with Jake via her website… she knows the dire consequences if her secret is revealed.

The banter between Gracie and Jake is great. His arrogance and her bull-headedness (is that even a word?!) makes them a perfect match. They had some really great moments when they let their guards down and truly got to know each other and Jake getting to know his sisters. It was well written. Add in the supporting characters, such as V, Jake’s publicist… Tuck, Jake’s team mate, Max, Gracie’s best friend, and Murphy, Gracie’s dog… good times to be had.

My reaction to the "The Met Gala" scene... Holy crap!
My reaction to the “The Met Gala” scene… Holy crap!

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