An Unlikely Alliance ~ Patricia Bray


This is a story of what can go wrong when you take a fake gypsy fortune teller and she correctly makes a prediction. Magda made a prediction about a horse race, not realizing someone planned to make the prediction come true. When Alexander’s horse is slated to win, doesn’t… well, he wants answers.

So it’s understandable that Alexander has questions and the only person who can give him answers is Magda. One problem… she doesn’t know anything. (I know I said “one” problem… there’s actually two problems… One person’s luck has run out and he needs Magda to give him another predictions. Oh, and someone’s trying to kill Magda…) Over time, Alexander and Magda become friends… eventually, their feelings grow stronger. But she has a past that even Magda isn’t fully aware of. (Think long, lost Anastasia… and add Cinderella…)

The story was well written and it was intriguing, but it was predictable. I was able to tell who was doing what and why. There were moments that were sweet and endearing and moments of humor, but overall the story was good… not great. I would give it 3 out of 5 stars as it was enjoyable. I would be interested to read something else from Ms. Bray.

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