Give Up the Ghost ~ Kelly Moran

Current Read

Just when I thought the second book couldn’t be anywhere near as great as the first… I was so wrong. I feel like Bill Hader’s character from SNL, Stephan. This book has everything! Romance, suspense, ghosts, heartbreak, and humor.

The book picks up with the team moving on to the next assignment. The night before, team member, Kelly, has a severe migraine and sees a doppelganger. Panic ensues… and she calls the one person she knows will always come…. her best friend and fellow team member, Paul. What she doesn’t know… he’s been in love with her… for six long years… talk about an eternity. Now they must solve a thrilling mystery and navigate the murky waters of the changing relationship status…. and a new team member, Cain. Good times to be had my friends! Now, it didn’t have nearly as many funny moments as the first book of the series… but there was still enough humor that it wasn’t so serious. (Hey, even Harry Potter got darker as the series went along! Don’t judge!!)

The book did raise a question though. How many of us have that one friend that we didn’t see… I mean, really SEE? Ms. Moran has a way of making the simple so self reflective that it changes how you read the book (or in my case, how you read the book the second time!) I look forward to reading more by Ms. Moran and (if I’m being honest…) I’m hoping and praying for a third installment!

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