Ghost of a Promise ~ Kelly Moran


No one does romance and mystery quite like Nora Roberts… but that is exactly what this book put me in the mind of. (I know… big shoes!)

Ava Trumble’s great aunt, Lois, passes away and leaves her home to Ava. The problem… the house is haunted. The house has a great, but tragic history that dates back to the Revolutionary War. The Kerricks moved to Maine from England and Peter Trumble falls deeply in love with Sarah Kerrick. Before her family is set to move back to England, Sarah is killed and no one knows by whom or why.

There is one condition… in order for Ava to inherit the house, she must solve the mystery of what happened to Sarah. Enter Jackson. He has a TV team that investigates paranormal activities. There’s an interesting fact about Jackson… while Ava is a descendant of Peter Trumble, Jackson is a descendant of Sarah Kerrick! Together,  they must solve the mystery of Sarah if Ava is to have her dream come true.

I have to say… I have to meet Jackson! There was a vulnerability to him that I absolutely loved!  What I loved about Ava was that she didn’t take any bull… from anyone. She was able to read Jackson like no one else could, which only fascinated him. The writing is superb! The interactions and chemistry between Ava and Jackson, for me, was off the charts. There is a scenein the kitchen between the two of them. They are getting to know each other and the conversation is not only funny, but made Jackson and Ava very endearing. It was paced greatly and each page kept you in interested.  I can’t wait to read more from Kelly Moran!

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