The Kissing Contest ~ Francis Gideon

Current Read

Homer Ruiz is an actor who entered the kissing contest at the request of his friend. It’s a charity event, so why not?! Because he’s an actor, no one can really tell his heart isn’t in it. He does what everyone expects of him, including his wife, Clara. As all the contestants take their place, he can’t help but become fascinated with the final contestant, Absalom, an artist. There’s something about Absalom that reminds Homer of distant memory of a young man he once had a crush on. With a conversation with Absalom, Homer realized and (slightly) admitted (although to himself) that he wasn’t being his true self.

Mr. Gideon’s writing brings Paris to life. His descriptions made you feel like you were standing next to Homer. I can’t say that I can truly placed the time period, but it was a bit oppressive. It was quite sad to see Homer hide the fact that he wanted men… he has a wife, yes, but Clara loves Homer’s reputation… not Homer. Homer starts off likeable, but you kind of lose a bit of respect for him when find out he has no problem with having affairs. While it was a short read and quite enjoyable, I found myself wanting Homer to be the person he really was and finally stop acting.

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