Her Soldier’s Touch ~ JM Stewart

Current Read 2

Colt comes home from his tour to find out that he has a 6 year old son, Greg. Dealing with the past and PTSD, he’s home to bury his brother. His brother, Paul, took the wrong path in life and paid the price. In the process, he gets in debt with a dealer and with him being deceased… someone has to pay up. Rachel is the mother of Greg and she has been taking care of him all by herself. She is so used to people walking out on her that she expects everyone to walk out. The life of Greg has been threatened and Colt and Rachel have to band together to save their son.

The writing is good and the characters are developed with each chapter. There were moments of frustration because of words that weren’t said. Colt has a past that he can’t get over. His father was a terrible person and that’s exactly what he doesn’t want to be to Greg.

There was enough romance that you weren’t annoyed with Colt and Rachel… and enough humor and drama that kept you intrigued. Each character added something to the story and I’m glad that I read this!

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