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Nobility ~ Kayla Bain-Vrba

Current Read 4

Who doesn’t love a fairy tale?! A princess trapped in a tower to be rescued by her prince charming and he turns out to be her one true love! SIGH… well… In this case, it’s a princess who had her fairy god mother curse her and lock her away in a tower until her prince charming rescued her. It didn’t go according to plan. Did I mention that the tower was protected by harpies?

Princess Danna was rescued by Nobelle, a beggar who turned to a life of crime to survive, only to have a nobleman try to take advantage of her. As a result, she kills the nobleman. But beggars don’t get the right to claim self-defense. So to clear her name, she must rescue the princess and. The deal, rescue the princess and break the curse… you will marry the princess. But like all fairy tales, there’s a misunderstanding… a bad guy to be defeated and a happily ever after.

It started off well enough and the banter between Princess Danna and Nobelle was pretty entertaining. They balanced each other pretty well, with Princess Danna being the ever hopeless romantic… a dreamer, while Nobelle was the cynic… the realist. However, it became a bit formulaic. While it was entertaining and took all of maybe 30 minutes to read (yes, it’s that short)… it fell a bit short. I’d give it 3 and a half stars… Not bad… but not great.


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