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Undressed ~ Shannon Richards

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Abby works for the PR department for hockey team in Florida. In her contract, a strict, no fraternizing clause. That’s too bad… Logan is on the hockey team she works for… and he wants her. They are stranded in a cabin on their way to see a sick teen and things start to progress. Can they keep their relationship a secret or will the secret relationship come to light?

I loved this story. I did feel it was too short, but that was because I didn’t want the story to end. The chemistry between Abby and Logan was amazing. He is very sweet and tender, but he’s also extremely private. So when something that he’s kept to himself is revealed… well, things get really tight and a huge misunderstanding occurs.

The story, although too short for me (I never wanted it to end) was wonderful. It was well written and it gave a small glimpse into what goes on in the locker room. It was a really sweet story and well told.


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