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Axbridge ~ Sasha L. Miller

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This is what I look for in a short story… There was danger, a little romance, a tad bit of magic and a nice tidy ending! The characters a certain level of respect for each other. It was wonderful.

Tannis and his partner, Beck, are out on patrol in a nearby village on the search for a dangerous mage, Corric. Unbeknownst to either of them, Corric set up a trap and Beck is badly injured. Axbridge is the closest village and there’s a physician, Isani. Unfortunately for everyone, Isani is the intended target. Corric coming back brings back some painful memories for Isani, as he is the one that ran Corric off once before. Tannis and Isani work together to bring Corric down and an understanding is made. In the end, a relationship starts to bloom and Tannis and Isani decide to see where things go from there.

This book reminded me of another book of Ms. Miller, The Errant Prince; which I loved… and I love this one too! The tension between Tannis and Isani was subtle, yet palpable… sensual… which is a nice change of pace.


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